April 2018



La vie fragile is a collection of works by seven Fransaskois artists. It includes pieces of contemporary art that are solidly rooted in our everyday world. With their bold sense of engagement, these works bear witness to an evolving universe, a sentient universe, holding up a mirror to a reality in flux. Questions that touch on identity, parentage, origins, traditions, places and nature intersect, presenting a real panorama of the questioning undertaken by artists living under the ever-changing skies of Saskatchewan.La vie fragile, because these works ask questions without providing answers and carry a freight of uncertainty.

La vie fragile, because the pathways they trace in many directions lead straight to our vulnerable core.

La vie fragile, because art is a powerful means of describing a sentient universe.

La vie fragile, because these images present ways of interpreting reality that are not authoritarian, but open and free.

Curator: Serge Murphy

Exhibition organized by Conseil culturel Fransaskois