April 2019


April 3- 20, 2019

Opening : Saturday April 6, from 2-5 pm

Gallery 1

Martine Michaud (Mishô)

Sous la surface

Photo- installation

In “Under the Surface” Martine Michaud invites us to take a stroll through a sumptuous tableau in black and white, where no human life exists. We enter a cave, home to strange structures formed by the falling drops of calcareous water, and to the luminescent light of glow worms, seen only in the dark.

The artist plunges into this dark stone universe, extracting a luminous materialization as light as the suspended photographs printed on fabric. As in folk tales of old, she confronts our terrifying dark side, the one we prefer to ignore. Our descent “Under the Surface” takes us through the looking glass to discover what is hidden or what we hide from ourselves – with the promise to discover unsuspected resources and strengths.

The exhibition takes us far from the vibrant colours of Himalayan temples, the earthy palette of Morocco scenes or the striking portraits of Bhutanese she presented earlier. And here, Mishô returns to another facet of her photographic practice, presented in 2011 at Galerie Luz in Zones translucides, which was an exhibition of large-scale images blurring the porous frontiers between photography and abstraction that forces us to look beyond what our eyes see to experience unexpected new perspectives.

Since 2007, she has devoted herself exclusively to photography and the visual arts. She lives and works in Montréal. Her photos, signed Mishô, include reportages and portraits, as well as more abstract photo composites. Her most recent work has been on display to the public in several solo exhibitions in Montréal, including, Sésame (Centre culturel du Maroc, 2017), Bhoutan bonheur (Espace Desrosiers-Lozeau, 2015), Bhoutan, route du bonheur national brut (Maison du développement durable, 2014).

For her photo series, she was selected by two international juried competitions, the 11th Margaret Julia Cameron Award and the 12th Pollux Award, to show her work in Barcelona (2018 and 2019). She was also chosen along with other Quebec photographers for Kindred, a group exhibition at the Connections Gallery of Toronto in 2017. She is the author of two photographic books, published in 2014 and 2017, titled Bhoutan Lotus et/and Dragon and Héritières de Bouddha, à la rencontre des nonnes Shéchèn du Bhoutan. A member of SOCAN and the UDA.


Gallery 2

Clovis Retif

Contemporary Solitud  

Clovis Retif presents “Contemporary Solitude” a series of drawings made with graphite pencil on Bristol paper. The artist explores the theme of loneliness at home through the prism of bathrooms. By drawing the everyday life objects that we can find in these places, he pays tribute to what we see without looking at it, to what accompanies us in our “Contemporary Solitude”

Clovis Retif is a French artist living and working in Paris and Montreal. He obtained a degree in space design from the superior school of arts of Saint-Luc in Belgium. He first worked in the field of architecture before turning to drawings. “Contemporary Solitudes” is his first solo exhibition.