April – May 2019


April 24 to May 11, 2019

Opening: Saturday April 27, from 2-5 pm

Gallery 1

Josée Charbonneau


Photographic Impressions 

The artist, Josée Charbonneau, recent photographic experimentation has culminated in a signatory exploration of the potential for abstract colourism, aesthetic beauty and the covergence of both organic and urban compenency.

Traditional employment of printmaking techniques have lent the artist a visceral employment of material processes and a visual dexterity which affords her creations with minitiae while her own creative impetus adheres to innate evocations that transpose upon the objects of her focal research in creation.

With “Odyssey”, we witness an exhibition as much a return as a departure, an aesthetic sojourn which demarcates her emphasis upon the question of beauty amid the mundane tedium of life and predominant conceptualism and theoretical pretexts of contemporary visual practices.

In effect, she has initiated an enquiry into the vernacular and non-thinking reflexive discourse of the individual amid a Debordian “Society du Spectacle”, an inverse visual allegorical tale with distinct chapters embodied in singular, unique and visually distinct imagery.

Original imagery, reminscient of the lyrical abstraction achieved by Andre Kertesz in the past century, are unadulterated and without alteration, with a latter transfiguration of leitmotif rendered possible as the objective of a painterly experiment remains in her artistic conscience. Vibrant colourism and composition emanate with a visceral abstraction, the tiered processes of Odyssey demarcating that the essential of dynamic tension inherent in visual adventure echo’s with the individual frame and context of each successive phase.

To paint with a lens appears a paradoxical recourse for an expert of graphic composition and the infinite precision required by the field of print art, yet, bold evocations of the intrinsic beauty of life, the importance of experiment and courage of departure towards an unknown, are well delineated in the large format representations presented, the fruit of a labour wherein the artist crossed a river by feeling the stones at the riverbed.

Josée Charbonneau completed her studies from the Cégep du Vieux Montréal in 1976 with a Degree in Graphic Design. In 2007, she became a full member of the Atelier Circulaire printmaking collective. Her main aspiration lies in the transposition of the figurative representation to images imbued with colourism and non-symbolic compositions.

Personal Exhibitions (Montreal): Galerie Luz, Montreal, 2018, 2015. Collective Exhibitions: Maison Albert Bruneau, Quebec 2018, -(Montreal) Circular Gallery, 2018-2008, Houses of Culture Saint-Antoine sur Richelieu 2017 and Parc- Extension Gallery Luz 2017, 2016, 2014, Galerie du Viaduc, 2016, Collège du Vieux-Montréal 2008. His works were acquired by private and public collectors, included by the Bank National Library of Canada, Gabrielle Roy Library of Quebec and the National Archives of Quebec.


Gallery 2

Liliane Keeler


The exhibition LANDSCAPES evokes places that mark reality or fancy in which memory and hopefulness overlap. By revisiting the history of art, and more specifically the romantic period of the early 19th century, symbolic of a depiction of the sublime, the artist invites us to reflect on the passage of time. The past having ceased to exist becomes memory; the present is actual while the future is unpredictable. Do these cycles, unique to each person, shape our thoughts, beliefs, strengths and weaknesses?

When questioning the abstract and fleeting notion of the passage of time, the artist builds, deconstructs and recomposes the landscape by trying to elicit a mysterious aura in the shadow of a souvenir. Under the theme of the seasons, the almost monochrome acrylic paintings discreetly reveal a picturesque landscape. By contrast, the series of paintings done in grey tones on paper with ink and acrylic, evoke the mysticism of the landscape; darker moments lived through the experience of war.

In addition to her painting work, Liliane Keeler’s artistic practice merges the art of mosaic and textile art.

Born in Ottawa, Ontario, Liliane Keeler is a graduate of the Université du Québec à Montréal where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in Art History with a minor in Fine Arts. She graduated in Fashion Design from the Robinson Academy of Fashion Design in Ottawa and received training in mosaics in Montreal and France. Her latest solo shows were presented at l’Université du Québec à Rimouski under the title of Lacrimosa and at the Ottawa Public Library in 2017. The Artist has also participated in numerous group exhibitions in Quebec, namely: L’héritage culturel (Galerie du centre d’art Boucherville, 2017), Ozias Leduc (Musée des beaux-arts de Saint-Hilaire, 2015) and in Ontario, The Blue Show (Cube Gallery, Ottawa, 2016).

Liliane Keeler has served on selection committees and was Vice-Chair of the Boucherville Arts Advisory Committee. Her works are part of public collections in Canada as well as private collections in Canada and in France.