December 2018


January 9-19, 2019

Gallery hours: Wednesday to Saturday, from 2-5 PM

Gallery 1

Tuan Vu

While traveling,Tuan discovered photography. Soon, his memories were replaced by a true artistic quest. Playing on positive and negative space, curvilinear and rectilinear forms, his photographic works reflect an uncanny compositional mastery. Moreover, beyond colors and playful aspects, the pictures witness the essential quest for happiness each human beings attempts to pursue, in a more and more individualistic modern society.

Tuan Vu was born in Saigon in 1971 and immigrated to Canada, Montreal in 1981 during the wave of boat people.

Trained telecommunication engineer, Tuan Vu is a self-taught photographer since 2010. He studied photography in 2012 at University of Montreal. He has also followed painting and drawing class in 2016 at University of Montreal.

His work was first exhibited in 2010, in a public auction in support of Haiti. In 2016, he participated in a photography collective exhibition at GOT Galerie in Old Montreal. The exhibition at Galerie LUZ is his first solo exhibition.