February-March 2017

February 22- March 11, 2017
Opening: Saturday February 25, from 2 to 5pm
Gallery 1

Kristal Kordich- Crandall

Kristal Kordich-Crandall ( Kristal KC) is a Montréal artist and poet originally from Victoria, BC. Prior to obtaining her Fine Arts Degree at Concordia University, Kristal studied privately in Canada and Germany and attended Vancouver’s Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design.
While her predominant interest is magic realism, Kristal’s passion for art history and phenomenology in art has lent her works broad appeal through an immersion in many styles, with themes ranging from the political to the philosophical.
Since coming to Montréal eight years ago, she has participated in several group exhibitions, including at the FOFA Gallery, VAV Gallery, Centerfold Gallery, Mainline Gallery, MAI, Glassdoor Gallery and Studio Béluga. Often commissioned by private individuals, Kristal’s works can be found across Canada as well as in France, Germany, New York, Florida, and California.
In these works, Kristal Kordich-Crandall explores the relationship between perception, culture, and identity, as they relate to the human experience. Drawing from a wide array of sources – from the digital and art historical to psychological and literary theory – these subtle and uncanny narratives border between the quotidian and dreamscape, questioning both their own construction and the self’s role in creating reality.


Gallery 2

Michele Larose, MANA

Histoires de Forêts

Michele Larose visual artist from Montreal prefers to construct, build, create objects, installation and environment from everyday materials, often recycled, she also works with more traditional art materials. At the start of the inquiry to draw with the aim to remain lucid , in touch with reality or to touch the real ,the perceptible. Numerous drawings done in situ, under any type of weather -John Constable-. From these numerous moments will emerge an installation, environment a piece. Key words: processes,ephemerality,materials, 2-D,3-D and time, performance -public, artist- . The elements of Histoires De Forêts presented at the Galerie Luz belong to a larger project which is exploring the Forests as a subject and FOREST as a PLASTIC ,formal concept.And its particular quality : INCLUSIVITY . To rebuild and not to represent a forest with its transformed constituants ;chemical, biological, physical, industrial transformation From art history perspective forest previously treated as an ornement or a context now stand as the subject of the artistic inquiry and the tree being its central figure .Tree, arborescence and the neurones…
M.A.N.A. 2002 Australia (Medicine.Art.Neurosciences.Alliances) B.F.A.HONS Curtin University .
Ceramic Technical prof. Ecole Bonsecours. Canada.
Post graduate studies, psychiatry McGill University Canada.
Doctor Medicine Laval University Canada.
Michele Larose and MANA have participated and exhibited as well as created projects In Australia, ( WASADM,Curtin University art Gallery, Moores Building, Bread Box Gallery, Perth city, Melbourne city) Italia (Como and Milan via Fondazione Ratti, Miniartextile, Spazio Ex Ticosa) Canada, ( Mcgill university ), Japon ( Tokyo subway )


Gallery 3

Michael Tahina Randrianavony

Michael Tahina Randrianavony was born in Antananarivo, Madagascar. He lived there until 2012 and moved to Montreal, Canada. Michael has studied commerce in John Abbott College and is currently studying in McGill for Software engineering. Michael is a self-taught emerging artist that pursues to capture the feeling of being a millennial in a fast paced evolving world. In 2016, Michael’s works were displayed by Galerie 5 Continents and at a Montreal pop up show named “Another Art Gallery”