June 2019


June 22 -5, 2019

Opening : Saturday June 8, from 2-5pm

Gallery 1

 Lise Leroux

Paysages introspectifs

Born in an agricultural environment, the land is for her an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Nature and the human being influence her themes of the last years. Sensitive to what is happening in the current, her paintings present vibrant scenes of a suffering humanity. She explores hybrid forms of figuration and abstraction. She uses a palette of earth colors, dark shades, apocalyptic. Monotype, mixed media, acrylic, charcoal drawing, are her favorite mediums. It offers an intuitive work where organic forms, traces and imprints of machined objects or urban aerial views compose a surrealist topography, even nightmarish, an imaginary world in ruins.

Her paintings bear witness to the suffering of humanity. They emphasize the importance of sensitizing people to the slow death of our civilization (ecosystem losses, climate change, nuclear threat, wild capitalism, racism, exploitation, technological hegemony). It accounts in its own way for the despair of the human behind creation.

Paradoxically, Interiority and contact with nature, maintained since childhood, retain a fundamental place.

This introspective work leads her to take gestures that are sometimes random and intuitive, sometimes more thoughtful. She does not seek to reproduce nature but rather to translate the sensory experience that dwells in her mind.

Lise Leroux lives and works in Mcmasterville, Montérégie.

She obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Arts at the University of Quebec in Montreal in 1996. In 2010 she perfected her training in printed art (monotype and collagraph) at the Atelier Circulaire and at the Alain Piroir Gallery workshop in Montreal.

She participated in several collective exhibitions, in 2011 Atelier Circulaire ( Montreal), in 2018 Museum of Fine Arts of St-Hillaire, 2019 art gallery Sutton, Musée du fier monde, Galerie Luz and Galerie Marc Gosselin.




Gallery 2

Marcel Huguet

Amer Rust, Jibé Laurin

Theo Golb

Marcel Huguet

L’urbanité re-visitée

These lithographic works are part of a great symbolic narrative elaborated over the past two years from original street photographs. The artist seeks to evoke various aspect of life in the city today.

Marcel Huguet is a multidisciplinary self-taught artist, he has participated in many solo and collective exhititions in Montreal, Québec, Ville-Marie (Témiscamingue), Toronto, Vancouver and Sofia (Bulgaria). Marcel is a member of Montreal based l’Atelier circulaire (printed art and creation) in Montréal, which showcases his works regularly in the Gallery, as does Open Studio in Toronto


Amer Rust 

Amer presents oxidised paintings on steel made with lace stencils. Just like the rust process he used, the resulting old tapestry aspect brings to mind the deterioration and transformation of matter following the passage of time.

Amer was born in Montréal, Québec, where he lives and works. He graduated in graphic arts at Cegep Ahuntsic and completed a bachelor’s degree in commerce at McGill University. He worked in the printing sector and the metal transformation field for more than 20 years. Solo Exhibitions: Galerie Luz, Montréal, Canada « Armistice » 2019 & « Stripes » 2018. Permanent Collective Exhibition: Galerie Artêria, Bromont, Canada, since 2018. Art fairs: Art Market San Francisco, USA (2019), Affordable Art Fair New York, USA (2019), Sofa Chicago, USA (2018).


Jibé Laurin

Jibé Laurin presents a low relief artwork made from recycled car pieces and steel. Her passion for patinas and interest for environment has leaded her to work with this colorful and singular material. “Steel Life 1” or “La mosaïque de la ferrailleuse” is the first artwork of a series made from steel and inspired by nature.

Jibé Laurin works and lives in Montréal. She graduated in Graphic Design from Cegep Ahuntsic and completed a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts with Major in Design Art at Concordia University. Solo exhibition: Galerie Luz, Montreal (2018), Collective exhibition: Maison de la culture Frontenac, Montreal (1994).


Theo Golb 

In the early years he was strongly influenced by Cubism and Suprematism. His style developed along a very long and complex path, ultimately taking its current form around 2009 following a short stay in Morocco – the country he calls “the promised land, where colours turn rapturous under a divine light.” He then abandoned his oils for acrylics and collage, creating his own mixed technique.

The artist was born in China, to Ukrainian parents. He spent the first half of his life in Germany, Lithuania and Ukraine before settling in Montreal in 1992. Theo Golb is a graduate of Linguistic University in Minsk, Belarus where he earned a degree in the Studio-Theater program. From 1988 to 1990 he created frescos and a major series of stained glass windows for College 53 in Vilnius, Lithuania. In 1994 he participated in a group exhibition at the Entrecadre Gallery in Montreal. Since 2016 his works have been on permanent display at Gallery Richelieu, in Montreal.


Gallery 3

Lauren Bibeau

Lauren Bibeau is a Montreal-based artist who studied Fine Arts at Concordia University as well as at Dawson College. Lauren has participated in many exhibitions, most recently a group and solo at Galerie Luz as well as at L’Espace Contemporain, in both a solo exhibition and a group exhibition featuring a monochrome theme, in 2d and 3d. She has also had the honour of participating in an installation at Museo Civico d’Arte Contemporanea, Casacalenda, Italy. She has done work with several charitable organizations, including donating art to the old brewery mission and to art auctions, most recently for the Alzheimer’s Group Inc. She was 1st runner up n the Montreal Museum of Fine arts competition in 2005.