June-July 2018


June 20 to July 7, 2018

Opening: Saturday June 23, from 2-5pm

Gallery 1 and 2

Hoda Ackad

THE POWER BEHIND THE SCENES: CULTURE MONTREAL is an ongoing portrait project depicting the faces of designers, impresarios and artistic directors, visionaries shaping Montreal’s cultural landscape.

Over six-foot in height, my paintings reflect and capture the larger-than-life qualities of these individuals.

Working from black and white photos that I take of my subjects, I look deeply into the minuscule grains of the photo, and using oil sticks on a white surface, laying down open and free expressionistic strokes, I respond to this microscopic minutiae in each subject, and it is from this process of profound looking, that color, form and texture begin to emerge.

This search for more, an inherently optimistic investigation, results in a multi-layered expansive close-up whose light-filled transparency and close-cropped framing implies a world beyond the immediate.

As I mine this rich vein of attention to details, the hills and valleys of their faces reveal the very topos of being, creating a luminous bridge between outer surface and inner world, and between portraiture and landscape.

Portraits: René Angélil , Rubin Fogel, André Ménard. Andy Nulman, Gradimir Pankov, Marie Saint-Pierre , David Elliott, Marie Chouinard, Ethel Bruneau, Moshe Safdie.
Based in Montreal, Canada, Hoda Ackad is increasingly showing her works in the United States. Most recently, her works have been exhibited at the Alexandria Museum in Louisianna, at the American Swedish Institute and the Hopkins Center for the Arts, Minneapolis. For two consecutive years, at the Center for Contemporary Art, Bedford, New Jersey, at ISEA (International Symposium for Experimental Artists), at Viridian Artists Inc in Chelsea, NewYork at the Brownsville Museum in Texas; at the Hud Gallery, Ventura, California; and numerous other venues.
In 2017 , Hoda Ackad exhibited her painting”Gradimir Pankov” and images of her other Behind the Scenes; Culture Montreal portraits at Place des Arts in the Theatre Maisonneuve foyer.
Her portrait” Gradimir Pankov” features in the movie” Tribute to Gradimir Pankov” and can be seen on Youtube.
In 2016, her work “ Rasta at the Beach” and Eye of Gradimir’ was featured on a billboard in central Los Angeles, California for the The Billboard Creatives;
In 2015, she was a participant in the Help Hope Nepal Mural project, during Art Miami Basel.