March-April 2017

March 15 to April 1, 2017
Opening: Saturday March 18, from 2 to 5pm
Gallery 1

Sylvie Melaçon

In creating digital images, I try to express the many dimensions that make up existence: the past, memories, landscapes, emotions. By integrating digitized pieces of my older creations, along with drawings and photos, I tell stories. I use photographs I inherited from my grandfather Jean (an artist) or photos from my own life. Images create themselves, becoming the language of interior spaces. I let them be. Like a song, an image possesses its own poetry. My work in plastic arts has always incorporated the concept of time.
Unlike stories, real life, when it has passed, inclines toward obscurity.” (Elena Ferrante)
Sylvie Melançon was born in Montreal
Set and Costume Designer graduated from the National Theatre School of Canada. She is a former member of the Communauté Théâtrale de l’Epée de bois in Paris, and she has worked as a costume designer for Radio-Canada, on stage and in film from 1974 to 2001.
She is a recipient of the Canada Council for the Arts and from Quebec’s Ministry of cultural affairs. As a painter, her art has been shown at the Stable Gallery of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, at Galerie L’Art Français, as part of the Centennial event of the city of Outremont, and at Radio-Canada. Her work is represented in the public collection of the city of Longueuil.


Gallery 2

Lorraine Auger, John Felice Ceprano

 Nathalie Savoie, Sharon Kelly

Lorraine Auger 

Ephemeral Particles
Lorraine Auger is an artist from Montreal.
She studied interpretation at the Conservatoire d’art dramatique de Montréal and it’s only later, in 1994, that she introduced herself to oil painting alongside painter Michel Campeau. She continued her studies in drawing and mixed media techniques with Sophie Jodoin, Juan Schneider and Elaine Despins.
Lorraine Auger had solo and group exhibitions in various places such as the Maison de la culture Rosemont-Petite-Patrie, the Zephyr gallery, the Art Plus gallery, L’Espace contemporain and George Laoun. In 2015, she was part of the RAW network and the SIDIM. A lot of her work is now in private collections. She is a RAAV member. Lorraine Auger is also an audio artist.  
In her Ephemeral Particles exhibition, Lorraine Auger explores the relative uncertainty of the visual particles of the void and suggests immediacy with polaroid-like media.


John Felice Ceprano 

Born in Providence, Rhode Island, July 6th 1947, immigrating to Canada in 1973, becoming a citizen in 1991, presently residing in Gatineau, QC.
Ceprano’s education includes degrees in Physics Fine Art, & Photography.As a multi disciplined artist, he also is a painter, printmaker, photographer, digital art, and sculpture.His most notable work, which began in 1987, is the ‘Balanced Rock Sculpture Project’ he provides every summer in Ottawa at Remic Rapids Park. The project is federally funded, and will be included in Canada 150 events.


Nathalie Savioe

The artist was born in Montreal, Quebec, where she now lives and works
She received from Concordia University a B.F.A. in Cinema Animation, and a diploma in Art Education from McGill University. She has worked at the National Film Board of Canada, an animation studio in London, England, in a number of animation studios in Montreal, and has also taught general art and drawing to high school students and young adults. Currently, the artist is working in an animation production studio as a graphic designer.
List of exhibitions: 2016 (Galerie Luz). 2014 (Galerie Luz). 2012 (Galerie Luz). 2011 (Galerie 12 – Moncton, NB). 2003 (La galerie du Salon Alterna-tif). 2002 (La galerie Wilder & Davis). 2001 (La galerie du Salon Alterna-tif). 1999 (Le Festiv’Art de Frelighsburg). 1997 (Le Cheval Blanc).


Sharon Kelly 

Sheron Kelly is a full time Ottawa based artist originally from Montreal.
She has a BA in Art History from Queens University. Represented by  professional galleries since 1999, Kelly has exhibited in numerous solo and group shows including Wall Space Gallery (Ottawa) Dale Smith Gallery (Ottawa) Ottawa Art Gallery (Ottawa) Paula Diamond White Gallery (Waterloo) Canadian National Exhibition, (Toronto) Byward Market Gallery (Ottawa) Maritime Museum (Annapolis, Maryland) The Circle Gallery (Annapolis, Maryland)

15 mars au 1 avril 2017
Vernissage: Samedi le 18 mars, de 14 à 17h