May 2018


May 9-26, 2018

Opening: Saturday May 12, from 2 to 5pm

Gallery 1

Gilles Tarabiscuité


Gilles Tarabiscuité is interested in the process of production and manufacture of the photographic image. His exhibition consist of photographic series representing the different stages of making an image-fiction. His work lies at the crossroads of several major trends in the history of photography: he practices the factual recording of the real (documentary photography approaching Straight Photography and the Neue Sachlichkeit), which he then integrates into a composite image (image-fiction). The results remain anchored in reality while constituting imitations of pure photography.

In short, Tarabiscuité diverts so-called objective photographic elements toward a “tarabiscoté,” creating visually plausible results that capture the real in order to recreate an image that can be perceived as a “trace of what has been.”


Art historian by training (specializing in the history of collections in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, more precisely, on cabinets of curiosities), Gilles Tarabiscuité has worked for several years in the world of contemporary art (International Center of Contemporary Art of Montreal, Galerie du Centre in Saint-Lambert). His photographs have won several awards (Tokyo International Foto Awards 2017, Monochrome Awards 2017, PHOTO Magazine Competition 2017, etc.). Tarabiscuité lives and works in Montreal. He teaches multimedia and photography at Cégep Marie-Victorin in the graphic design department. This is his first solo exhibition.