November 2020


November 11-28

Gallery 1

 Rosi Maria Di Meglio


This body of work was inspired by my travels to Israel in 2017, during a time of conflict in the Holy Land. My own interests in the magical city of Jerusalem and my curiosity with spirituality lead me to the Holy City.

I sat in on a symposium which was 10 minutes from the Gaza borders, I could hear the fighter planes over head as the guest speakers spoke of art and community. I visited a school compound that had bomb shelters for the children, the sirens would go off two to three times a day. I was mystified by the beauty of the city and the culture but at the same time traumatized with the idea of what these families endure on a constant basis. I felt this experience to be an excellent catalyst to my abstract expressionism practice. My artist practice explores the relationship between space, color, and memory. The color identifies with the constant push and pull, the struggle, of everyday life, while considering moments of silence and retreat in its composition through space.

Rosi Maria Di Meglio was born in Vancouver, BC. She currently lives and works in Montreal, Quebec. She completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, Double Major in Painting & Drawing and Art Education at Concordia University.

Rosi had her first solo exhibit at Galerie Luz 2020. The painting “Exchange I” is being exhibited at Galerie d’Arts Stewart Hall until November 29, 2020. Rosi had exhibited in several group exhibitions throughout Montreal and Vancouver. Multiple group exhibits with the Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA) at the Federation Gallery in Vancouver: “Scenes from Western Canada”, “Painting on the Edge”, “Abstracted”, “Emerging” 2016-2019; Sci-Art Exhibit in Montreal “Art and Neuroscience” 2018; Visual Voice Gallery in Montreal “Convergence: Material” 2017. Her paintings titled “Collide II”, Porto D’Ischia I, Porto D’Ischia II were published in InArteJournal, an online Montreal magazine 10th Edition (2020), and 6th Edition (2016).