November-December 2016

November 23 to December 17, 2016
Opening: Saturday November 26, from 2 to 5pm
Gallery 1

Marc Ledoux

Marc Ledoux lives and works en Montreal.
He has studied at Montreal Fine Arts School, from 1962 to 1966 and he has teached at C.E.C.M., from 1966 at l970, and at Cegep Edouard-Montpetit, from 1972 to 2004. He has participated in several group and solo exhibitions, among which  the Maison de la Culture Notre-Dame-de-Grâce in 2005. He is represented in collection of Cegep Edouard-Montpetit and Loto-Québec. He exhibit at Luz gallery since 2006. Since about 15 years ago, he works on paper and develop a long series named originally ”Bande-Essai”.
To me the surface to paint is an event space. A scene where lines and forms move, dance, slide, collide and play amongst them.From these lines and forms a structure appears, that I often destroy and transform, hoping that something unexpected appears. The color has a structural function, which reunites, separates, isolates and concentrates the forms. Many sensations are generated from it.


Gallery 2

Josée Charbonneau, Micheline Couture

Linda Luttinger

Josée Charbonneau 

Josée Charbonneau was born in Montreal where she is currently living. 
She completed her studies in graphic design at the « Cégep du Vieux-Montréal » in 1976. Since 2007, she has been printmaking at Atelier Circulaire. Her works have been exhibited and acquired by private and public collectors including National Bank of Canada, Library Gabrielle Roy of Quebec, National Archives of Quebec.
She chose digital print as a tool for expression. Her works are surreal and dreamlike. These are visions escaped from her unconscious and which draw their strength from the imagination of childhood.


Micheline Couture 

Micheline Couture, artist born in Montréal Canada July 29, 1936. Lives and works in Montreal in Les Îes de la Madeleine, Quebec, Canada.
 ART FIELD : Fiber arts, handmade paper, textile printing, numericalprint. In Montreal she teached art 25 years at UQAM and was codirecting the Galerie d’Art Point Sud from 1988 to 2001.
I am print making artists working with lithography, silkscreen, wood engraving. Since 1985, I integrated computer imaging . My silkscren prints on fabric took me away from traditional print making  to the birth of the new textile art. (Biennale de la nouvelle tapisserie de Montréal)
 Now, back to paper I find myself fascinated with miniature works 
with limited copies of numerical prints.


Linda Luttinger 

Linda Luttinger is a visual artist living in Montreal.
She works digitally as well as traditionally. Linda holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Concordia University as well as a technical degree in Illustration and Design, from Dawson College. Her artwork depicts inviting and troubling worlds where the characters who reside often find themselves in a state of contemplation, solitude and vulnerability. There is an emphasis on contrasting symbolism, which creates heightened realities that surpass logic. Since 2008, she exhibits her paintings, collages and numeric art in solo and group shows in different Montreal galleries. She has shown her work at VAV gallery ( Dialogix, 2010), CtrlLab gallery ( Wall Space, 2008), Art Neuf gallery (Souvenirs, 2015) and presently at Gallery Luz in the Belgo.
Her latest series entitled ‘Out of Time’ (2015-2016) is inspired by retro and surrealist art, and romantic concepts of time such as time travel. Throughout the use of various digital collage techniques, old and recent photographs are modified and assembled to create a unique image. Images that remind us of past eras, but integrated in futuristic and imaginary environments.
Gallery 3

Lauren Bibeau

Lauren Bibeau is a Montreal-based artist who studied Fine Arts at Concordia Univeristy as well as at Dawson College. Lauren has participated in many exhibitions, most recently a solo show at Gallery Luz and L’Espace Contemporain, in both a solo exhibition and a group exhibition featuring monochrome themed, in 2d and 3d. She has also had the honor of participating in an installation at Museo Civico d’Arte Contemporanea, Casacalenda, Italy. She has done work with several charitable organizations, including donating art to the old brewery mission and to art auctions, most recently for the Alzheimer’s Group Inc. She was 1st runner up n the Montreal Museum of Fine arts competition in 2005.
The inspiration for her most recent collection of paintings is fueled by Quebec’s magestic landscapes and sky scapes. This group of work was conceived with the help of hundreds of skyscape photographs.