November December 2017


November 22 to December 10, 2017

Vernissage: Saturday December 10, from 2-5pm

Gallery 1

Marie Bineau

The subject matter of this exhibition is : “About Painting ”.
On canvas, wood or digital image, it is about work on the surface. The movement describes the shape and appears as a suitable tool. The color takes its place on a support by multiplying broken nuances, highlight by pure colors. Break the form and format by including voids in the composition that fit into the wall that receives it. Break the flat surface by the use of reliefs. Break the reading of the composition by multiplying the formats of the surfaces, the modules, as well as their direction. Break the flat geometry by the splotch and the divided key, by the figuration opposed to the abstraction. Break tone-on-tone by a soft or rough texture, or by matte or gloss effect.
By inserting inscriptions or citations, the artist adds a new challenge to her work. This forces the viewer to observe the art work from different angles, thus discovering its meaning. It is finally exploring “Black on the verge of color”

A graduate from the School of Fine Arts in Montreal, Marie Bineau pursued her studies in Visual Arts, obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Artistic pedagogy and completed a Master’s degree at Concordia University. Shortly after, she held a position of Educational Development Officer at the Quebec Ministry of Education to develop and collaborate on the writing of a new arts curriculum for primary and secondary schools. Having completed her term, she returned to teaching and to her artistic practice that links her creative activity to her teachings, the interaction is a source of nourishment in both spheres. To enrich the curriculum on a daily basis, she studied Art History .
For many years, she has participated in group and solo exhibitions. She obtained a few scholarships from the MRC des Laurentides, as well as a doctoral scholarship from Brébeuf College. Some of her art works are in private collections, such as Pierre Gauvrau and Jeannine Carreau, Gaz Métropolitain.
In 2007, a sculpture symposium “in situ” was organized by Marie Bineau and a group of artists. In 2010, 2011 a symposium of Floting Sculptures call « Art Ancrage » was also organized by Marie Bineau and a group of artists.
Exhibitions catalogs, Revues d’art contemporain report on her artistic career : Espace and ETC Montréal. Videos of Art Ancrage 2010 and 2011 can be seen on You Tube, produced by Marc-André Gendron and Viart