October 2018


October 10 to 27, 2018

Opening:Saturday October 13, from 2-5pm

Gallery 1

Perry Sénécal


The artist looks for that precise moment when time seems to stand still, the subject caught between shadow and light. That magical moment when, the finger pressing on the shutter-button, time is frozen and immortalized. Bodies, thus transposed into a universe of colours, forms, and textures; reveal their strengths, vulnerabilities and beauty.

Perry Sénécal lives and works in Montréal, Québec. Starting in 1997, he began taking photography workshops at Université de Montréal, Dawson College, and Collège Marsan. His work has been published in several books of collective works from the German publishing house Bruno Gmünder: Night Vision, Kissed, Turnon, Tattoos and Brave. His work appears in The Best Of International Nudes volume 3. His photos have been used to produce several covers of the magazine Fugues. Origines is his first exhibition.


Gallery 2 and 3

Chantal Fontaine Hébert


Chantal Fontaine Hébert is committed to exploring the unconscious. In this exhibition, she uses monotype, a technique that she has been developing over the past five years. Freedom of gesture and movement enable her to portray the inner restlessness and contradictions of human beings, exploring our emotional unconscious through memories of life within the womb and a process akin to the effects of chance. This allows her to focus on unresolved fragments of the unconscious as she releases traumatic feelings experienced during gestation.

FRAGMENTS gives privileged access to movements of merging and separation during this period.

Chantal Fontaine Hébert is an observer who finds inspiration in the emotions that arise in her body and mind as she looks at the life that surrounds her.

Chantal Fontaine Hébert holds a Bachelor of Arts in Literature and Psychoanalysis and specialized training in Visual Arts, Illumination, Latin Calligraphy, Japanese and Arabic. She has published three collections of poetry. Her job as a public writer has naturally brought her to the visual arts on a full-time basis. Her favorite mediums are inks, acrylic and gouache. In her studio in Montreal’s Rosemont neighborhood, she paints and teaches visual arts, calligraphy and illumination. Her works have been seen in Canada and European countries including France, Romania, Italy, Belgium and Spain where she has received several awards and are part of various collections. She is a member of several professional associations.