October 2019


October 2-26, 2019

Opening: Saturday October 19, from 2-5 pm

Gallery 1 and 2

 Carole Morin

Lively Colors

The artistic work of Carole Morin is based on creativity, an approach that began more than twenty years ago. As a multidisciplinary artist, she first expressed herself through dance and theater improvisation, before undertaking studies in Visual Art. She explored photography, before choosing painting as her preferred means of expression. Printmaking, especially etching and digital print, also interested her.

Her world can be linked to the lyrical abstraction movement. It finds its source in the « spiritual realm », to quote Kandinsky. To him, « improvisations are pictorial translations of profound spiritual events ».

On a technical level, Carole Morin’s painting were born from a charcoal stroke, a spontaneous and deeply connected gesture that marks the choreography of the work on the pictorial surface. Subsequently, the composition develops in complicity with this rhythm.

The artist aims for her creation to be, on one hand, authentic, intrinsically expressing who she is and on the other hand, alive. She uses, with force and power, lines, chromatic contrasts and textures to build an orderly composition that acts upon the viewer’s sensitivity, manifesting through its vibrations, a kind of essential presence.

Carole Morin was born in Montréal (Qc). Her first professional exhibition took place in 2005. She has to her credit a dozen solo exhibitions and more than thirty selected group exhibitions. She exhibited solo at the galerie Roccia (Montréal), the Galerie La Cité du voyageur (Montréal) and the Théâtre Périscope (Québec). Among the most recent collective exhibitions, with jury or by invitation in which she participated, to name several: The Cat Show, the John B. Aird Gallery (Toronto), Variations sur l’art d’ici, Écomusée du fier monde (Montréal), Barcelone, cinq regards montréalais, Maison de la culture Côte-des-neiges (Montréal), Exposition printanière, Galerie L’Harmattan (Baie-Saint-Paul), Exposition automnale, Galerie L’Harmattan (Baie-Saint-Paul), Montréal, d’hier à aujourd’hui, Galerie d’art Michel-Ange (Montréal), Moi aime toi, Galerie d’art Michel-Ange (Montréal).

Her work is included in public collections (Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec), corporate (Lafortune Cadieux, Galerie Rouge art contemporain, Caisse Desjardins Atwater-Centre, Emergis, Fasken Martineau, SH Barcelona, MésDvi bar de vins y galeria, Visioncore Clinica Oftalmologica) as well as private collections (more than 100 works in Canada and in Spain). She is represented by the Galerie L’Harmattan (Baie-Saint-Paul) and the Frame of Mind Gallery (Toronto).