September 2018


September 19 to October 6, 2018

Opening:Saturday September 22, from 2-5PM

Gallery 1

Erik Desprez

Order and Sensuousness

Firstly, my work is not an expression of intent or purpose. I believe, rather, in the dynamism of a certain ambiguity, which, far from the iconographic illustration of inquiry, generates more of a tension and fumbling, may cause doubt and error, but engenders, above all, the surprise accompanying a budding piece. 

In this way — like wandering — even if my gesture is not completely exempt of certain directives on my part, above all, I search for the feeling and poetry in the act of painting. Order and sensuousness are therefore simply significant of the ways in which I physically and technically approach my paintings.

Just before projecting beeswax or glue in their fluid state, as well as metal powder, or sawdust, I am in a state of sensuousness during which I know that I will lose a certain control; the gestures will be sudden and rapid, and will call the present moment, from which the surprise of an autonomous creation will surge forward. Yet, as if during a child’s laugh or a snowy owl’s cry, I know that the dynamism of the order ruling this process will be intrinsically linked throughout my movements.

Then, my heartbeat will calm and lend itself to a slower organization, which will linger over the piece as it is at that time, so that order and sensuousness fuse together and structure a definitive work.

These successive actions on my part may also be reversed, or simultaneous.


Erik Desprez was born in France. Studied psychology at the University of Bordeaux.

He emigrated to canada, Montreal, at the age of 22 where he continues his first art expression painting, which later added to its installation work. Since then he has exhibited regularly in Montreal, Toronto (Garnet Press Gallery), New York (Vorpal Gallery) and Paris (Theater de Vanves). Represented since 2012 by Jean-Michel Correia. Hir works can be found in institutional collections including the Lavalin Collection of the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art, The Kamloops Art Gallery of British Columbia and the Laurentian University Museum of Contemporary Art in Ontario, as well as many private collections including those of Bernard Landriault. -Michel Paradis, Guy Laliberté and Pierre Péladeau-Manon Blanchette.



Gallery 2

Josée Charbonneau


Josée Charbonneau considers photography as her preferred means of expression. She approaches her works on paper by the organic form of the image in a spatial environment. She oscillates between painting and photography between pure and technical creation.

Josée Charbonneau was born in Montreal where she is currently living. She completed her studies in graphic design at the Cégep du Vieux-Montréal in 1976. Since 2007, she has been printmaking at Atelier Circulaire.

Exhibitions: Galerie Luz, Montreal, solo exhibitions 2018, 2015, 2014. Group exhibitions: Maison Albert Bruneau, Quebec 2018, Galerie circulaire, Montreal 2018,2013, 2008, Maison de la Culture Saint-Antoine sur-Richelieu 2017, Galerie Luz Montreal 2017, 2016, Maison de la Culture Parc-Extension Montreal 2016, Galerie du Viaduc, Montreal 2016, Galerie circulaire, Montreal 2013, Collège du Vieux-Montreal 2008. Her works has been acquired by private and public collectors including National Bank of Canada, Library Gabrielle Roy of Quebec, National Archives of Quebec.