September 2019


August 28 to September  14, 2019

Opening : Saturday September 7, from 2-5pm

Gallery 1

Krasi Dimtch

Keyword: freethought

Galerie Luz is pleased to present “Keyword: freethought”, a new exhibition by Krasi Dimtch that includes digital and mixed media artworks, as well as an interactive sound sculpture.

The works of Krasi Dimtch enact substrata of visually composite manifestations upon themes dealing with human language as both tool of thought control and the liberation of the self. Within the context of the current orientation of a counter-methodological conceptual, wherein social media and multiplicity are widespread, the artist’s work proves as a visual testament of themes of aesthetic and social significance. The intricacy of the abstract space of composition in her series delineates an artist whom denotes the ascension of freedom in the virtual present of society today. Central, the role of cognition and the imaginary, the artistic process and presumed freedom of the mind, permeates her creations. Analogous and modal, her imagery correlates the dichotomy of the experiential: concrete or virtual states resound in the transmutation of the idea to that of transgression of formal constraints, deliberating upon the act of creation as a non-objective field which transcends impermanence, fragility and technocratic subversion of dialectical “truth”.

As the artist explores a visual compendium of imagery imbued with a strong graphic quality, the conceptual progression determines the role of art as being an intermediary between the scientific determinism and quantum uncertainty. Her attention upon color and form, depth and linearity manifests an inherent oneness of the tangible and the intangible. Time and its’ visual equation are latent in the aesthetic body, as ”keyword: freethought” or “universal thought player” issue sequential deductions of Krasi Dmitch pivotal signature as an author concerned with the mass media’s coercive persuasion, the imaginary multiplicity of the digital replica & the importance of mode of expression. To recall Feyerabend, whose “Counter Method” suggested an anarchistic intervention in the breadth of communication and media, Dimtch yet pronounces a non-schematic approach, a randomness of gaiety and ironic caliber in the process of creative emendation of reality. Materiality and temporality are written with a script wherein sound emanates with space, visual mnemonic, the manifest of the extemporal & the contest of the concrete with the virtual resultant in remarkably variable analogue or digital compositions.

Krasi Dimtch is Ottawa-based multidisciplinary artist who creates visual, textual, and sound art that encode linguistic contents and explore the structures of Language viewed as a repository of ideas. Krasi was born in Bulgaria and holds a master’s degree from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts in Poland. In 1995, she became interested in Language and its role in the thought-creation process. Her study of the relationship between Thought and Language led to the formulation of patented methods for language generation (CIPO – Patent 2704163) as well as the creation of custom software for generating sentences and representing them as, images and sequences of sounds. Krasi Dimtch has exhibited nationally and internationally. Some of the places she has recently presented her works are: LACDA Represented Artists Exhibit, Los Angeles (2019 USA); Artist Statement # 3, CICA Museum, (2018, South Korea ); Solo exhibit at gallery Luz, Montreal, (Canada, 2018).


Gallery 2

Anne Brochu Lambert


This exhibition brings together a little over thirty mixed media works on paper, freely exploring the landscape, its historical significance and its emotional charge.

This series was developed over almost two years. At first, it was a respond to the abandoned photographs of an anonymous amateur who travelled to Ireland 40 years ago. I’ve then added, to this indirect dialogue, my own photographs taken in Ireland in 2015, to mirror impressions or complement the observations of the original material.

Throughout the process, the landscape is the foundation upon which I’ve based the multiple interventions towards abstraction. These interventions were done on the photos themselves, as well as on the following works created via photocopies, digital imagery and inkjet prints; I blended techniques of painting, collaging, drawing and digital editing, as well as the medium – gouache, markers, graphite, inks, spray paints and a variety of papers. Each work is deeply unique.

The deconstructed motif and reinterpretations of the landscapes serve has metaphors for the human impact on the environment, our urge to control and modify it. It is also an exploration of the notion of impermanence, faced with the materials on which we attempt to fix and preserve our personal contact with the environment.

Originally from Lévis QC, Anne Brochu Lambert is a professional visual artist based in Regina, Saskatchewan. Her artistic practice focuses on painting with a mixed media approach; her exploration includes encaustic, collage, printmaking and photography, as well as installations. She leads professional art workshops and teaches the arts didactic as a sessional for the University of Regina.

She ‘s shown her work in solo, group and juried shows, both in Canada and United-States for more than 20 years. She recently completed the juried project « Mentorat et visibilité ». spearheaded by the provincial Conseil culturel fransaskois, and financed by the Canada Council for the Arts (2016-2018).

A.B.Lambert studied Fine Arts and Litterartue at C.E.G.E.P. Lévis-Lauzon and has enriched her art practice through the years, including a cold wax painting retreat at the Skopelos Foundation for the Arts (Greece, May 2019), and a six-weeks artist residency at the School of Painting, Drawing and Sculpture (Italy, July-August 2009).

Her artworks are in private collections in Canada and the States, as well as in public collections, such as the City of Regina and the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency.

She’s represented in Saskatchewan by Nouveau Gallery (Regina, SK) since 2009.



Gallery 3

Tuan Vu

 Beach Life

Tuan Vu was born in Saigon in 1971 and immigrated to Canada, Montreal in 1981 during the wave of boat people.

Trained telecommunication engineer, Tuan Vu is a self-taught photographer since 2010. He studied photography in 2012 at University of Montreal. He has also followed painting and drawing class in 2016 at University of Montreal.

His work was first exhibited in 2010, in a public auction in support of Haiti, then recently devastated by an earthquake. In 2016, he participated in a photography collective exhibition at GOT Galerie and first solo at Galerie LUZ in 2018. Once again at Galerie Luz for a collective exhibition with the “Beach Life” series, Miami (US)