February 2020


February 12-29, 2020

Opening : Saturday February 15, from 2-5 pm

Gallery 1

Amer Rust


Amer presents « Earth », an exhibition of oxidized artworks on steel. Inspired by the organic patterns and movements generated by the oxidation process, the artist recreates shapes found naturally on our planet on the human scale or as seen from space. Trees, plants, minerals and water under its different forms (ice, sea & clouds) are his main sources of inspiration.

Amer was born in Montréal, Québec, where he lives and works. He graduated in graphic arts at Cegep Ahuntsic and completed a bachelor’s degree in commerce at McGill University. He worked in the printing sector and the metal transformation field for more than 20 years. Solo Exhibitions: Galerie Luz, Montréal, Canada « Armistice » 2019 & « Stripes » 2018. Collective Exhibition: Galerie Luz, Montréal, Canada (2019), Galerie Artêria, Bromont, Canada (2018 – 2019). Art fairs: Art Market San Francisco, USA (2019), Affordable Art Fair New York, USA (2019), Sofa Chicago, USA (2018).


Gallery 2

  Mariela Borello

Inside Out

The body reveals itself inside out, reveals its battles and defeats, and its betrayals. Quietly, the body betrays itself; the glorious and confused body betrays itself, cells out of control taking over, moving destructively inside its host.

The mind processes the chemicals and the treatments as best it can, looking up at the gods. But the gods are distracted and the universe is too vast. And this is a universe reflected inside the body that does not distinguish between the body and its foreign cells. Stardust into carbon, carbon made flesh and bone and blood.

The work is about material expressing illness and confusion, expressing the body involved in a dance made of chemicals, of treatments, burnt flesh and cut skin.

The illness and the individual become one entity. In its disarray the work is searching a sort of presence; a presence that speaks of life and survival suspended in time.

Mariela Borello is a Canadian, Argentinean born visual artist living in Montréal, Québec. She obtained an MFA from Concordia University, she is a graduate from OCAD in Toronto and Guelph University. Borello’s work has been exhibited in Montreal and other parts of Canada as well as abroad. Solo exhibitions in Montreal at Galerie Luz (2018 and 2019), in Cameroon at Espace Doual’Art (2010), in Winnipeg at ACE Art Inc (2004), in Montreal at Optica (2001), B-312 (1994), Articule (1995), La Centrale (1995), in Saskatoon at AKA’s Artist Center (1995). Group shows in Douala, Cameroon at S.U.D, Triennal d’art contemporaine (2010), in Montreal at Saidye Bronfman Centre of the Arts (1997), Maison de la culture du Plateau-Mont-Royal (1997); in Mexico at Temístocles 44 (1994) and in Guadalajara, Galeria de Arte Moderno (1994).

Informed by the experience of immigration and exile, her multidisciplinary installations combine epistemological concerns dealing with perception and with issues of identity and gender.


Gallery 3

 Jerome Prieur

Dogs in Whistler 

Almost 10 years ago, I was grief-stricken by the massacre of sled dogs in Whistler BC. To this day, the unforgettable images and facts about this tragedy still haunt me. In order to remember the inhumane slaughter of these dogs and puppies, my art was my only way to cope and to honour their unjustifiable fate at the mercy of one man using a rifle, a knife and plastic bags. This installation/exhibit named “Dogs in Whistler” is dedicated to these dogs and will take place at Gallery Luz in Montreal.

Born in 1969, Prieur began to create at an early age. His style has evolved into a distinctive combination of metal and plastic engraving, painted acrylic canvases and wood embellished through the application of detailed ink work.

Prieur also collaborates with artist Marie-Josée Roy since 2010 (engraving). Additionally, Prieur designs sculptural light fixtures and continues to produce new work, further exploring and expanding upon his artistic vision.

Self-taught, Prieur lives and works in Montreal and Trois-Rivieres, Quebec. He has participated in many solo and group exhibits. Cella Gallery (2008-2009-2010), La Luz de Jesus (2007-2008) in Los Angeles, and Yves Laroche, Montreal (2007). In collaboration with Marie-Josée Roy at Gallery Le Royer in Montreal (2010-11-12-14-17 and 2019) and Thompson Landry in Toronto (2012-16 and 2019). Art fairs in the U.S.A include (Red Dot Miami 2010, Art Fair Chicago and Basel Miami in 2011). His works are in private and public collections in Canada, U.S.A., Australia and Europe.