February 2021


February 24 to March 13, 2020

Duo to the current situation there will be no opening
but the artists will be at the gallery on March 13
from 2 p.m to 5 p.m

Gallery 1

Amer Rust

Jérome Prieur

Jibé Laurin

Amer Rust and Jérôme Prieur

Amer-Prieur is a collaboration of the artists Amer Rust and Jérôme Prieur. Created with the movement and fluidity of the rust and the finesse of the engraving, their aesthetic is what is most present at first sight. The message beyond the technique of each work is free of interpretation. However, their subjects, result of their common vision, are based on their view of our society, beliefs, symbolisms and the observation of the dark side of the human race.

Amer was born in the region of Montréal, Québec, where he lives and works. He graduated in graphic arts at Cegep Ahuntsic and completed a bachelor’s degree in commerce at McGill University. He worked in the printing sector and the metal transformation field for more than 20 years.

Solo Exhibitions: Galerie Luz, Montréal, Canada « Earth » (2020), « Armistice » (2019) and « Stripes » (2018). Collective Exhibition: Galerie Luz, Montréal, Canada (2020 and 2019), Galerie Artêria, Bromont, Canada (2018 – 2019). Art fairs: Art Market San Francisco, USA (2019), Affordable Art Fair New York, USA (2019) and Sofa Chicago, USA (2018).

Born in 1969, Prieur began to create at an early age. His style has evolved into a distinctive combination of metal and plastic engraving, painted acrylic canvases and wood embellished through the application of detailed ink work.

Prieur also collaborates with artists Marie-Josée Roy since 2010 and Amer Rust since 2020 (engraving). Additionally, Prieur designs sculptural light fixtures and continues to produce new work, further exploring and expanding upon his artistic vision.

Self-taught, Prieur lives and works in Montreal and Trois-Rivieres, Quebec. He has participated in many solo and group exhibits such as Cella Gallery (2008-2009-2010), La Luz de Jesus (2007-2008) in Los Angeles, and Yves Laroche, Montreal (2007). In collaboration with Marie-Josée Roy at Gallery Le Royer in Montreal (2010-11-12-14-17 and 2019) and Thompson Landry in Toronto (2012-16 and 2019). Art fairs in the U.S.A include (Red Dot Miami 2010, Art Fair Chicago and Basel Miami in 2011). His works are in private and public collections in Canada, U.S.A., Australia and Europe.


Jibé Laurin 

Jibé Laurin creates her artworks, halfway between paintings and sculptures, with cars’ recycled steel. Her passion for patinas and interest for the environment have lead her to work with this colorful and singular material. Her art range from simplified figuration to inspired abstration.Through her works, Jibé brings to life subjects related to nature. She uses the industrial to compose the natural.

Jibé Laurin works and lives in the region of Montreal. She graduated in Graphic Design from Cegep Ahuntsic and completed a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts with Major in Design Art at Concordia University.

Solo exhibition: Galerie Luz, Montreal (2018), Collective exhibition: Galerie Luz, Montreal (2019).