January 2017

January 11-28, 2017
Opening: Saturday January 14, from 2 to 5pm
Gallery 1

William Nehme

William Nehme lives and works en Montreal.
Born in 1975, William Nehme is a Lebanese-Canadian artist, he studied visual arts at the University of Quebec in Montreal. 
William Nehme has participated in individual and collective exhibitions en Montreal Canada and abroad.


Gallery 2

Lina Vandal

 For several years I have traveled every day on the streets of this colorful neighborhood Mile-end, which rapidly transforms and whose crowds fascinates and intrigues me. Its urban infrastructures and signage are tattooed, scratched, sometimes even fractured, and silently testify to the passage of time and humans. A constantly changing environment, an enigmatic environment full of images that I take pleasure in reinterpreting with my own artistic language.
For this series, I used acrylic, collage and spray cans on canvas; the faces are drawn with charcoal.
Lina Vandal was born in Montreal. Introduced to visual arts at a very young age by her architect father, Vandal spent most of her youth studying at the Montreal School of Fine arts. Later, while pursuing a career in advertising, she decided to enroll in classes of drawing, painting and sculpture at the Saydie Bronfman Centre where she studied with Jacques Clément, Sophie Jodoin and Jean-Louis Émond from 1999 to 2006. Her work has been shown in Miami and Santa Fe and she is represented in Canada by Dimension Plus Art Agency since 2010. 


Gallery 3

Ketsia Lessard

Ketsia Lessard was born in Montreal in 1983. Exposure to biblical symbolism from early on in life had a lasting influence on her imagination. She pursued studies in arts and literature and graduated in creative writing at University of Quebec at Montreal in 2006. Illustration was always part of her writing process, and she took up painting in 2005. Her vocational studies in floristry taught her the principles of asymmetrical balance she would come to apply in her art. Mainly self-taught, Ketsia Lessard combines realism and symbolism to create detailed acrylic paintings that illustrate Bible verses and spiritual experience. This event at Gallery Luz is her first exhibition.