June 2020


June 25 to July 11, 2020

Gallery 1

Rosi Maria Di Meglio

Lived Experiences – “Identity and Space”

My work began as a research project into my own identity as an artist born from immigrant parents. Researching why I have never really felt like I had a clear hold on my identity and what or where that stems from. I began this research project by revisiting my past, my childhood, my adolescence. I revisited these pasts through memories and photographs.

This body of work speaks of my childhood growing up in an Italian household overloaded with family, music, chaos and broken boundaries. These paintings are a representation of the colorful life I lived as a child, the daughter of immigrant parents, the sister to 5 other siblings and the granddaughter to live-in grandparents. My artist practice explores the relationship between space, time and memory. I enjoy creating layers to transcend space whether deep or shallow. I am fascinated with shapes and forms rising to the surface through the layering process. I use layering elements to identify with the constant push and pull, the struggle, and the noise in everyday life, while considering moments of silence and retreat in its composition through space. Searching for space between the foreground and background.

Rosi Maria Di Meglio was born in Vancouver, BC. She moved to Montreal, Quebec when she was five years old. She currently lives and works in Montreal, Quebec. She completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, Double Major in Painting & Drawing and Art Education at Concordia University.

Rosi has exhibited in several group exhibitions throughout Montreal and Vancouver. Multiple group exhibits with FCA Vancouver Gallery “Western Scenes of Canada”, “Painting on the Edge”, “Abstracted”, “Emerging” 2016-2019, Sci-Art Exhibit, Montreal “Art and Neuroscience” 2018, Visual Voice Gallery, Montreal “Convergence: Material” 2017, VAV Gallery, Concordia “Imaging (Re)Conciliation 2016, Mainline Gallery, Montreal “Fringe Festival” 2016, Junction Gallery, Concordia “Art as Knowledge” 2015,. Her paintings titled “Collide II”, Porto D’Ischia I, Porto D’Ischia II were published in InArteJournal, an online Montreal magazine 10th Edition (2020), and 6th Edition (2016). Her painting titled “Solitude” won third prize in the Western Scenes competition, in Vancouver at the FCA Gallery (2016).