March 2019


 March 13 to 30, 2019

Opening: Saturday March 16, from 2-5 pm

Gallery 1

Theo Golb

Rhythm & Colors

In the early years he was strongly influenced by Cubism and Suprematism. His style developed along a very long and complex path, ultimately taking its current form around 2009 following a short stay in Morocco – the country he calls “the promised land, where colours turn rapturous under a divine light.” He then abandoned his oils for acrylics and collage, creating his own mixed technique.
Theo Golb’s early passion for architecture and music has become increasingly evident in his most recent compositions. The polyphonic principles of Baroque music and the geometric logic of architecture allow him to create abstract compositions of a rare intensity, in which geometry turns fluid, generating its own vibrant reality.


The artist was born in China, to Ukrainian parents. He spent the first half of his life in Germany, Lithuania and Ukraine before settling in Montreal in 1992. Theo Golb is a graduate of Linguistic University in Minsk, Belarus where he earned a degree in the Studio-Theater program. From 1988 to 1990 he created frescos and a major series of stained glass windows for College 53 in Vilnius, Lithuania. In 1994 he participated in a group exhibition at the Entrecadre Gallery in Montreal. Since 2016 his works have been on permanent display at Gallery Richelieu, in Montreal.

Gallery 2

Amer Rust


Amer presents « Armistice », an exhibition of large oil painting on recycled army tent canvases. The artist gives a second life to this military material by painting various icons, either industrial, of animals or everyday life objects. In this way, he symbolizes life returning back to normal after the end of hostilities following war time.


Amer was born in Montréal, Québec, where he lives and works. He obtained his diploma in graphic arts at Cegep Ahuntsic and completed a bachelor’s degree in commerce at McGill University. He worked in the printing sector for 7 years and in the metal transformation field for 5 years. Armisticeis his second solo exhibition at gallery Luz.

Gallery 3

Mariela Borello

Á fleur de peau

Installation made of three elements  

Á fleur

The first is a group of flower-looking metal shapes installed on a wall surface 9 by 6 feet. Each shape is not bigger than a foot in diameter and they are made of metal screen mesh.


The second element is a series of 8 by 8 inches gouache drawings mounted on wood installed side by side. A couple of inches separate each drawing allowing the viewer’s eye to make a connection between each drawing as if it were the same ‘line’ joining all of the drawings on the wall. The traces are organic and non-linear, lines tangling into each other, but still maintaining a clear and clean trace.


The third element is a hanging piece, 4 feet from the floor and one foot in diameter. This work is not unlike in quality to the drawings, although it is made of clear plastic (fishing line).

The installation is named in French “Á fleur de peau”. It speaks of feelings and sensations that come up to the surface of the body, the skin, from deep reservoirs of living experience, emotions of pain and pleasure. Having these feelings and sensations “á fleur de peau” makes us both vulnerable and strong. Acknowledging and welcoming these both states present on us hopefully make us a little bit wiser.


Mariela Borello is a Canadian, Argentinean born visual artist living in Montréal, Québec. She obtained an MFA from Concordia University, and she is a graduate from Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto.

Her work has been exhibited in Montreal (B-312, Optica, Articule, Saidy Bronfman Centre of the Arts, La Centrale, Gallery Luz), Saskatoon (AKA’s Artist Center), Winnipeg (ACE Art Inc), Mexico (Temístocles 44) and Cameroon (Espace Doual’art)