March 2020


March 3rd-7th

Opening :Thursday March 6th, 6-9pm

Justine Bellefeuille / Pulpeux

Tatianna Diamantoupoulou / Conversation with a Potato

Isabel Gelfand / The Feminist Futurist Manifesto

Jay Krakower / Jamie / My Relationship As You See It

William Normand- Robichaud / Vir

Nickle Peace-Williams / Flourish: Seeds and Needs

Laurène Smith / Objecthood

Emma Vogt / It’s A Girl?

Reflection on My Skin

Exhibition Facilitator: Jennifer Jack

Reflections On My Skin surveys a landscape of flesh, figure and form dissected by society. In a world where every last curve, crease and crevice on the human body is scrutinized, it is easy to get lost in a dizzying narrative of criticism and judgement. This interdisciplinary exhibition uses the artists’ diverse lived experiences to delve into the ways that human bodies, gender, and sexuality are socially constructed. Through a wide range of materials, the artists in Reflections On My Skin explore varied representations of body and form, visceral reactions to the notion of flesh, providing many different points of entry into an expansive subject. In doing so, they give new meanings to the concept of the gender binary.

[This event is situated on the unceded traditional territory of the Kanien’kehá:ka.]

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March 10th-14th

Opening: March 11th, 6-9pm

Armando Rivas / Exodus

Dexter Barker-Glenn / Playing House

Gabrielle Auclair / Arthabaska

Gemma Stevens / AWAY//DRIFTING

Lily Bennett-Scharf / space (AND) take

Marie-Andrée Macameau / La maison maternelle

Swarm / From Micro to Macro: A Theoretical Interpretation of the Many Worlds Multiverse Theory

Tiana Atherton / body as a faulty vessel,

Véronique Morin & Cristobal Perez-Boudon / Claustrophobia


Collective Room

Exhibition Facilitators: Adia Parris and Laurie Weinstein

In the group exhibition room, we investigate how the malleability of occupiable space can be a defining force in our navigation of the world. The alteration in the experience of the external world according to our propensity to acknowledge and associate, encompasses the main concerns of the artists. Through a collection of dance, installation, sculpture, performance, photography, drawing, and video, this exhibition attempts to challenge our preconceived notions of space: how we exist within sites and to what means we interact with and maneuver them.

Functioning as products of our own associations and perceptions, we approach sites of occupancy with personal history; thus we incite change. As responsive units with different vantage points and interpretations, it is our character that catalyzes how we interpret our surroundings and perform within them.

In the defamiliarization and reconstruction of our own volumes, the capacity to engage with our surroundings is dependent on the body and its navigation. Drawing from theories of perception, this exhibition thematically explores where we go when we enter a space. Methodological solipsism, the validation of reality according to sensorial perception; and egocentric predicament, the mind’s inability to transcend its own perceptual world; both offer a possibility to answer how our personal narrative helps us interpret and maneuver the world around us.

In this exploration of the derealization of space, room hopes to incite discussion on what it means to take up space. As we pass through boundaries, observing the material and immaterial representations of our surroundings, we question our relationship with the spaces we come to occupy. Do we play a role in how spaces are physically and emotionally manifested? Are we one with space or are we consumed by it? Do we belong here?

 [This event is situated on the unceded traditional territory of the Kanien’kehá:ka.]

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This exhibition is cancelled

Due to school closings and in prevention of COVID-19

March 17th -21

Opening: March 18th, 6-10pm

Anahi M.Arciniega / It was an accident

Fatine-Violette Sabiri / Two towels

Felix Mux Wahl / Here

flora fauna / dynamic shrine for a willing soul

Irela AC / Nuestra Familia

Isabelle Bredt / Things I want

Jose Garcia / Vegetable Stand


As To be Told

Exhibition Facilitator: Tyra Maria Trono

As to be Told investigates the ways in which stories can be articulated through artworks and how we translate personal or collective notions through narrative forms. While transmission of identity, visual memory and intangible heritage are active forces in the artistic process, the exhibition takes identity as a starting point for the artists to work towards transforming memory into tangible artefacts with their own voices and agencies.

How can we describe the relationships that emerge through these practices? Some decide to speak through their artworks, while others create artworks that speak on their own. In questioning the different forms that perception and engagement can take, the exhibition is a conversation that emerges from personal lived experience and subjective reception. As to be Told explores how lived experience can be an ever-evolving story to be told and what is generated in the telling.