May-June 2017


May 24- June 10, 2017
Opening: Saturday May 27, from 2 to 5 pm
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Gallery 1

Frances Foster



I find inspiration in the simple and complex themes of life through human interaction and visual exploration. This provides a foundation that eventually incorporates lost memory, slivers of landscape from an inner and exterior vision. These imaginary narratives project a notion of a world of intimacy and silence. I work on small-scale drawings, paintings, and writing before embarking upon a series. Collage and photography are also creative sources that find their way into my oeuvre, inspiring the imagination from disintegration to reintegration of the final image.


Frances Foster first studied art at Dawson College in Montreal. She later relocated to British Columbia where she attended Simon Fraser University and Langara College, graduating in 1988 with honours in painting and drawing. She also won the Inveresk Bursary for drawing. Upon her return to Montreal, she completed her Bachelor of Fine-Arts at Concordia University in 1990. She has been involved in the arts over several decades through artist’s run co-ops, along with engaging in art activism in the past few years to restore the green space and cultural heritage of Marconi-Alexandra district in Montreal. Her works can be found in the collections of Avmor, Colart and Senvest Collection of Canadian Art among many other private collections around the world. Frances Foster currently lives and works in her studio in Marconi-Alexandra in Montreal.






Gallery 2

 François Miville-Deschênes


I propose to feel the energy and the frenzy of the city by photos taken spontaneously, in continual movement, walking in the streets of Montreal; photos that capture the rhythm of pedestrians that circulate in the city. By using long exposures and the atmosphere of the visited locations, the result is similar to painting by the element colours, blurs and transparencies.


François Miville-Deschênes is a Montreal born artist. He has obtained a BFA in Design Art from Concordia University and a Graduate Certificate in Digital Technologies in Design Art Practice. His first steps in the art world where through sculptural metal work and non-permanent installations. His photographic research started in 2006 in street photography and evolved into abstract photography after several years of experimentations. He has exhibited at Galerie Luz, Galerie l’Espace Blanc and Galerie La Castiglione. His current research focus on abstract photography and video art.